Can I talk about Profound Radio for a bit?

First of all there’s Shannon, Silven, Mapal, and Kaleb, four really awesome people (seriously, A+ all of them), and here’s some of the reasons why:
*They are clever bastards who have accurately predicted the upcoming episodes and seasons of Supernatural several times.
*They can be incredibly funny when they want to, they have made me bury my head in a pillow shaking with laughter with their spot-on commentary, and they are really cool with things like being shipped and/or called Satan (mainly Shannon though, seeing as he always seems able to express the collective fandom fears and produce explosive reactions in the chat, something that never ceases to amaze and impress me).
*They have actual ships with shipnames for themselves, and they encourage listeners to write about them. There’s Kannon (Kaleb + Shannon), Maven (Mapal + Silven), and Kapal (Kaleb + Mapal), not sure if there are more, it isn’t exactly all in one place.
*There is a zero tolerance for hate on Profound Radio, and no shaming, but all respectfully voiced theories/characters/ships/headcanons are welcome (meaning you’re not kicked out for having an opinion, as long as you’re not a dick about it).
*They all have really pleasant voices.
*They say it like it is. There’s literally no bullshit.
*These people find enough topics to talk about for two hours each saturday without it ever being boring. Although there is a plan, they don’t mind mentioning things that need to be discussed along the way.
*Mapal owns a puppy named Castiel. I shit you not.

Profound Radio is literally the best thing in my life right now, along with Supernatural and summer, so forgive my selfish ranting.
Wednesday and Saturday are checkpoints I stay alive by aiming for.
More than once Profound Radio has helped me to keep from hurting and/or killing myself,
Thanks to these people I get to feel like a normal kid on a sleepover for two hours each week.


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